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DEFINITY® Improves Cardiac Diagnosis and Patient Management1

DEFINITY® has been shown to alter patient management decisions, leading to significant changes in medications, procedures, or both1

DEFINITY® reduces the number of diagnostic procedures conducted, decreases length of stay, and lowers the per-patient expense1

With DEFINITY®, >95% of transthoracic echoes should be diagnostic2


of suboptimal echoes converted to adequate studies1


change in patient 


reduction in mortality in the critically ill3


decreased risk of mortality in hospitalized patients4


shorter intensive care unit length of stay5


reduction in unjustified, repeat transthoracic echoes6

Apical thrombus



Enhanced Echocardiography: It's What You Don't See That Matters

Ben Lin, MD, Theresa Green, RDCS, and Sean McMahon, MD, present the Lantheus 2019 ASE Science & Technology Theater Program.


DEFINITY® microbubbles are composed of octafluoropropane gas encapsulated by a synthetic phospholipid shell.7

The microbubbles effectively traverse the pulmonary vasculature to produce high-quality, consistent, and reliable images of the left ventricle.7-10

The DEFINITY® microbubble diameter of 1.1 to 3.3 microns is smaller than normal red blood cells.7,11

DEFINITY® Delivers High-Quality Images

DEFINITY® is the only ultrasound enhancing agent with mechanical activation.7,12,13 DEFINITY® is activated in VIALMIX® or VIALMIX® RFID, which contributes to consistent image quality.7,9

VIALMIX® activation device.
VIALMIX® RFID activation device.


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