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The Challenges of Nondiagnostic Echoes

Even with advancements in echocardiography, imaging can be suboptimal,1 which may lead to2:

  • Inadequate treatment plans
  • Unnecessary additional testing
  • Increased hospital stays
  • Avoidable hospital readmissions

Apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy



How to Obtain Diagnostic Echoes

Implementing the American Society of Echocardiography (ASE) guidelines for ultrasound enhancing agents can help improve efficiency and patient care.3

A Summary from the ASE UEA Guidelines3:

  • When 2 or more LV segments cannot be visualized
  • In all patients for whom quantitative assessment of LVEF is important
  • For all technically difficult ICU and ED patients for quick and accurate diagnosis and to reduce additional diagnostic testing
  • In ED patients presenting with myocardial ischemia and nondiagnostic EKG
  • When LV thrombus cannot be ruled in or out
  • When structural abnormalities cannot be adequately assessed, such as noncompaction, apical hypertrophy, aneurysms
  • For diagnosis and exclusion of pseudoaneurysms

Create written policies for using ultrasound enhancing

Establish quality assessment and improvement programs4

Maintain personnel 
training and credentialing4

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